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        AddedLatest Added eBooks:

        1. 2019-03-12Lynda Excel 2019 for Mac Essential Training-XQZT
        2. 2019-03-12Lynda Excel Business Intelligence Part 1 Power Query-ZH
        3. 2019-03-12Lynda Excel Scenario Planning and Analysis-XQZT
        4. 2019-03-12Lynda Exchange 2016 Coexistence Hybrid Scenarios Migration and Federation-XQZT
        5. 2019-03-12Lynda Express Essential Training-XQZT
        6. 2019-03-12Lynda Extending Securing and Dockerizing Spring Boot Microservices-RiDWARE
        7. 2019-03-12Lynda Facebook Marketing Advertising Jul 2017-XQZT
        8. 2019-03-12Lynda Financial Modeling Foundations-SHEPHERDS
        9. 2019-03-12Lynda Finding Your Time Management Style-ZH
        10. 2019-03-12Lynda Fluent API Development in C Sharp-XQZT
        11. 2019-03-12Lynda Fusion 360 Designing for Plastics-XQZT
        12. 2019-03-12Lynda Fusion 360 Essential Training-XQZT
        13. 2019-03-12Lynda Fusion 360 Multi-Body Modeling-XQZT
        14. 2019-03-12Lynda Game Design Foundations 2 Systems Chance and Strategy-XQZT
        15. 2019-03-12Lynda Git Intermediate Techniques-RiDWARE
        16. 2019-03-12Lynda Gmail Essential Training Jul 2018-ZH
        17. 2019-03-12Lynda Gmail New Features-SHEPHERDS
        18. 2019-03-12Lynda Google AdWords Essential Training Jun 2017-XQZT
        19. 2019-03-12Lynda Google for Business Mar 2018-XQZT
        20. 2019-03-12Lynda HBase Essential Training-XQZT
        21. 2019-03-12Lynda Hard Drive Management for Creative Pros-ZH
        22. 2019-03-12Lynda How Develop your Career Plan-SHEPHERDS
        23. 2019-03-12Lynda How Quit Your Job Right Way-SHEPHERDS
        24. 2019-03-12Lynda Illustrator CC 2015 One-on-One Mastery-XQZT
        25. 2019-03-12Lynda Illustrator CC 2018 New Features Apr 2018-ZH
        26. 2019-03-12Lynda Illustrator CC 2018 One One Mastery-SHEPHERDS
        27. 2019-03-12Lynda Implementing Supply Chain Management-ZH
        28. 2019-03-12Lynda Impromptu Speaking-ZH
        29. 2019-03-12Lynda InDesign CC 2018 EPUB-ZH
        30. 2019-03-12Lynda InDesign CC Designing a Magazine Layout-XQZT
        31. 2019-03-12Lynda InVision Craft for UX Design-XQZT
        32. 2019-03-12Lynda InfraWorks 2019 Essential Training May 2018-XQZT
        33. 2019-03-12Lynda Introduction to AR with Unreal and Xcode for Developers Aug 2018-XQZT
        34. 2019-03-12Lynda Introduction to the Xamarin Designer for iOS-XQZT
        35. 2019-03-12London Fields 2019 BRRip XviD AC3-EVO
        36. 2019-03-12Lynda IoT Foundations Operating Systems Fundamentals-RiDWARE
        37. 2019-03-12Lynda JNCIA (JN0-102) Cert Prep 3 Routing Fundamentals-XQZT
        38. 2019-03-12Lynda JNCIA (JNo-102) Cert Prep 2 Configuration Monitor and Maintain-XQZT
        39. 2019-03-12Lynda Java EE Concurrency and Multithreading-XQZT
        40. 2019-03-12London Fields 2018 BDRip x264-PSYCHD
        41. 2019-03-12Lynda Java EE Contexts and Dependency Injection-XQZT
        42. 2019-03-12Fighting with My Family 2019 HD-CAM XviD-VAiN
        43. 2019-03-12Lynda Job Seeker Tips-ZH
        44. 2019-03-12Lynda Kotlin Essential Training-XQZT
        45. 2019-03-12Lynda Kotlin for Java Developers-XQZT
        46. 2019-03-12Lynda LFCS Operation of Running Systems (Ubuntu)-XQZT
        47. 2019-03-12Lynda LFCS User and Group Management (Ubuntu)-XQZT
        48. 2019-03-12Lynda Layout and Composition Advanced Principles-XCODE
        49. 2019-03-12Lynda Leadership Practical Skills-ZH
        50. 2019-03-12Lynda Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings-ZH
        51. 2019-03-12Lynda Lean Six Sigma Teams Define and Measure Tools-ZH
        52. 2019-03-12Lynda Lean Technology Strategy Running Agile at Scale-XQZT
        53. 2019-03-12Lynda Lean Technology Strategy Starting Your Business Transformation-SHEPHERDS
        54. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Amazon Lightsail-XQZT
        55. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Android Security-RiDWARE
        56. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Astute Graphics for Illustrator-XQZT
        57. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning BIM 360 Field-XQZT
        58. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning C Sharp-RiDWARE
        59. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning CATIA v5-XQZT
        60. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Docker-XQZT
        61. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Eclipse-SHEPHERDS
        62. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning FileMaker 16-XQZT
        63. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Functional Programming with Swift-XQZT
        64. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning HashiCorp Vault-RiDWARE
        65. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Linux Shell Scripting-XQZT
        66. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Mailchimp Aug 2018-XQZT
        67. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Microsoft Paint 3D Nov 2017-XQZT
        68. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Photoshop Portrait Retouching-XQZT
        69. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Polymer-XQZT
        70. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning React VR-XQZT
        71. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Reason 10-ZH
        72. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning SVG-XQZT
        73. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Slack-XQZT
        74. 2019-03-12Lynda Learning Spring with Spring Boot Sep 2018-XQZT
        75. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Troubleshooting for Web Developers-XQZT
        76. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Webpack 3-XQZT
        77. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning npm the Node Package Manager-RiDWARE
        78. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning the Angular CLI-XQZT
        79. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning with Your Mobile Device-ZH
        80. 2019-03-13Lynda Life Mastery Achieving Happiness and Success-ZH
        81. 2019-03-13Lynda Lightroom Mastering the Develop Module (2017)-XQZT
        82. 2019-03-13Essentials of Health Care Finance, 8th Edition
        83. 2019-03-13Lynda LinkedIn Learning Highlights Finding a Job and Managing Your Career-ZH
        84. 2019-03-13Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants
        85. 2019-03-13Pay Dirt: And Other Whispering Sands Stories of Gold Fever and the Western Desert
        86. 2019-03-13Lynda Linux Foundation Cert Prep Service Configuration (Ubuntu)-XQZT
        87. 2019-03-13Lynda Linux Kernels and Logging for System Administration-XQZT
        88. 2019-03-13Lynda Linux for PHP Developers-XQZT
        89. 2019-03-13Lynda Logo Trend Report 2018-2019-ZH
        90. 2019-03-13Lynda Lumion Essential Training REPACK-XCODE
        91. 2019-03-13Fundamentals of Electroceramics: Materials, Devices, and Applications
        92. 2019-03-13Lynda MATLAB 2018 Essential Training-XQZT
        93. 2019-03-13Lynda Machine Learning For iOS Developers-RiDWARE
        94. 2019-03-13Lynda Making User Experience Happen as a Team-ZH
        95. 2019-03-13Physics Student Book Aqa Gcse 9-1
        96. 2019-03-13Lynda Management Foundations-SHEPHERDS
        97. 2019-03-13Lynda Managing Organizational Change for Managers-ZH
        98. 2019-03-13Lynda Marketing Foundations Integrated Marketing Strategies-XQZT
        99. 2019-03-13Lynda Marketing Foundations The Marketing Funnel-XQZT

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