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        AddedLatest Added eBooks:

        1. 2019-03-13Lynda IoT Foundations Operating System Applications-SHEPHERDS
        2. 2019-03-13Lynda JavaFX Properties Beans and Bindings-RiDWARE
        3. 2019-03-13Lynda JavaScript Classes-XQZT
        4. 2019-03-13Lynda Lean Technology Strategy Building High-Performing Teams-SHEPHERDS
        5. 2019-03-13Lynda Lean Technology Strategy Moving Fast With Defined Constraints-ZH
        6. 2019-03-13Microsoft Office Professional Plus Version 1902 (Build 11328.20158) (x86-x64) 2019 - Removed
        7. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning App Building with Vanilla JavaScript-XQZT
        8. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Cineware for Illustrator-XQZT
        9. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Lightroom CC-XCODE
        10. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite-XQZT
        11. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning PrimeFaces-XQZT
        12. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Selenium-XQZT
        13. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning Siemens NX-XQZT
        14. 2019-03-13Lynda Learning iZotope RX 6-XQZT
        15. 2019-03-13Lynda Lightroom and Photoshop Workflows Start-to-Finish Studies-XQZT
        16. 2019-03-13Lynda LinkedIn Video Marketing Personal Brand Pages-SHEPHERDS
        17. 2019-03-13Lynda Linux Foundation Cert Prep Email Services (Ubuntu)-XQZT
        18. 2019-03-13Lynda Linux Foundation Cert Prep HTTP Services (Ubuntu)-XQZT
        19. 2019-03-13Lynda Mastering Functional JavaScript Libraries-SHEPHERDS
        20. 2019-03-13Lynda Maya 2018 Essential Training Nov 2017-XQZT
        21. 2019-03-13Lynda Maya Rendering with Arnold 5-XQZT
        22. 2019-03-13Lynda Meteor Essential Training-XQZT
        23. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft 365 Achieving GDPR Compliance-ZH
        24. 2019-03-13Windows 10 Pro RS5 1809.10.0.17763.379 (x86-x64) Multilanguage Preactivated v2 March 2019 - Removed
        25. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft Azure Active Directory-XQZT
        26. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft Azure Management and Security Essentials-XQZT
        27. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack Advanced Identity and Endpoint Protection-XQZT
        28. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack Identity and Endpoint Protection Basics-XQZT
        29. 2019-03-13Lynda Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Essential Training-XQZT
        30. 2019-03-13Lynda Migrating from React to Angular-SHEPHERDS
        31. 2019-03-13Lynda Mobile Marketing Foundations-ZH
        32. 2019-03-13Lynda Motion Graphics for Video Editors Creating Animated Logos 2017-XQZT
        33. 2019-03-13Lynda New Features Xamarin and Visual Studio 2017-XQZT
        34. 2019-03-13Lynda Office 365 Administration-XQZT
        35. 2019-03-13Lynda Online Marketing Foundations-ZH
        36. 2019-03-13Lynda PHP with MySQL Essential Training 1 The Basics-XQZT
        37. 2019-03-13Lynda Photoshop Compositing Tips Tricks and Techniques Jan 2018-XQZT
        38. 2019-03-13Lynda Photoshop for Designers Type Essentials 2018-XQZT
        39. 2019-03-13Lynda Picking the Perfect Portrait Gear-ZH
        40. 2019-03-13Lynda Plan Your Next Play in IT-ZH
        41. 2019-03-13Lynda Planning and Releasing Software with JIRA-XQZT
        42. 2019-03-13Mind Bending Language Mentoring - Igor Ledochowski
        43. 2019-03-13Lynda Premiere Pro Guru Multi-Camera Video Editing Feb 2018-XQZT
        44. 2019-03-13Lynda Product Design From CAD to 3D Model-XQZT
        45. 2019-03-13Lynda Putting ITIL Into Practice Applying ITIL Foundation Concepts-RiDWARE
        46. 2019-03-13Lynda Python Projects-XQZT
        47. 2019-03-13Lynda React Lifecycles-XQZT
        48. 2019-03-13Lynda Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design-XQZT
        49. 2019-03-13Triple Frontier 2019 720p NF WEB-DL DDP5 1 x264-NTG
        50. 2019-03-13Lynda com Landscape Photography Autumn-ELOHiM
        51. 2019-03-13Lynda com Learn Adobe Animate CC The Basics-QUASAR
        52. 2019-03-13Lynda com Learn Apache Cordova The Basics-ELOHiM
        53. 2019-03-13BMW ETK 2019.03
        54. 2019-03-13The Master's Hammer and Chisel By Beachbody
        55. 2019-03-13Lynda com LogoLounge Symbolism in Nature-ELOHiM
        56. 2019-03-13Lynda com Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube 2016-ELOHiM
        57. 2019-03-13ProfiCAD 10.2.1 Multilingual
        58. 2019-03-13Lynda com Maya Essentials 2 Polygonal Modeling Techniques-iNKiSO
        59. 2019-03-13Lynda com Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Administration-ELOHiM
        60. 2019-03-13Live - Posing 101 with Lindsay Adler
        61. 2019-03-13Lynda com Modeling a Motorcycle Engine with SolidWorks-QUASAR
        62. 2019-03-13Lynda com NumPy Data Science Essential Training-ELOHiM
        63. 2019-03-13Lynda com Photojournalism and Photo Essay Fundamentals-ELOHiM
        64. 2019-03-13Lynda com Photoshop Automation Tips Tricks and Techniques-QUASAR
        65. 2019-03-13Lynda com Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training Photography-QUASAR
        66. 2019-03-13Lynda com Photoshop Color Correction Fundamentals-QUASAR
        67. 2019-03-13Lynda com Photoshop for Designers Type Effects UPDATED COURSE-ELOHiM
        68. 2019-03-13Lynda com Piano Lessons with Hugh Sung Playing Songs-ELOHiM
        69. 2019-03-13Lynda com Premiere Pro Guru Video Finishing Techniques-ELOHiM
        70. 2019-03-133-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool
        71. 2019-03-13FOREX4NOOBS
        72. 2019-03-13Triple Frontier 2019 1080p NF WEB-DL DDP5 1 x264-NTG
        73. 2019-03-13Lynda com QuickBooks Setting up a Company File In Depth-ELOHiM
        74. 2019-03-13Driver Talent Pro Multilingual
        75. 2019-03-13Lynda com SOLIDWORKS 2016 New Features-ELOHiM
        76. 2019-03-13Lynda com SQL for Data Reporting and Analysis-ELOHiM
        77. 2019-03-13ReviverSoft Driver Reviver Multilingual
        78. 2019-03-13Lynda com Scratch Programming Language The Basics-ELOHiM
        80. 2019-03-13Lynda com Selling on Etsy-ELOHiM
        81. 2019-03-13Lynda com Sheet Metal Design with SolidWorks-QUASAR
        82. 2019-03-13Lynda com Sony Vegas Production Workflow TUTORiAL DVDR-PHOTONE
        83. 2019-03-13Charisma University - Charlie Houpert
        84. 2019-03-13Lynda com Storytelling for Business Video-ELOHiM
        85. 2019-03-13Lynda com Street Photography Posed Portraiture-ELOHiM
        86. 2019-03-13Lynda com Succeeding in a New Job-ELOHiM
        87. 2019-03-13Lynda com Supply Chain Management Fundamentals-ELOHiM
        88. 2019-03-13Lynda com Test-Driven Development in PHP with PHPUnit-ELOHiM
        89. 2019-03-13Lynda com The Managers Guide to Managing Customer Expectations-ELOHiM
        90. 2019-03-13Live - Photoshop for Photographers
        91. 2019-03-13Lynda com Time Management Fundamentals 2016-ELOHiM
        92. 2019-03-13Lynda com Troubleshooting Network Connectivity-ELOHiM
        93. 2019-03-13Lynda com UX Design Tools Affinity Designer-ELOHiM
        94. 2019-03-13Lynda com UX Design Tools Sketch-ELOHiM
        95. 2019-03-13The Agora Financial - Media Buying Bootcamp 2018
        96. 2019-03-13Lynda com Up and Running With Linux for PHP Developers-iRONiSO
        97. 2019-03-13Lynda com Up and Running with Articulate Storyline 2 PROPER-QUASAR
        98. 2019-03-13Lynda com Up and Running with Azure-ELOHiM
        99. 2019-03-13Trade Earnings Using Measured Move by AlphaShark

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